People struggle with conflict in their lives,

often responding by unconsciously engaging in negative behaviors when they don’t know how to resolve issues.  Some seem to thrive on conflict, while others are gifted with an innate ability to peacefully avert impending conflict or resolve existing conflict.

Whether conflict happens between two employees or across the entire organization, the costs are high.  In today’s highly competitive market, staying ahead and staying profitable means keeping the best employees.


Let us discover…

your conflict style and determine ways you can work with others to resolve conflict.


we can cultivate environments of active idea exchange, thoughts and feedback without fear of retaliation.

Let us transform your organization into a winner again

where employees are engaging, communicating and more importantly, feeling like their
voices are heard.

“We are not powerless in the face of conflict.  With the appropriate tools and the knowledge of how, when, where and why to use them, we can engage in constructive conflict processes to resolve issues, restoring and enhancing relationships.

Tabitha Liburd


Ken Hilburn

COO | Juice Analytics | Nashville, TN.

Tabitha has a special ability to read a situation and the people involved with uncanny accuracy and insight.
She has demonstrated the ability to quickly identify hot-spot areas that need attention, unwind the complexity, and create an action plan to successfully manage conflict.
Working with her has moved us to a new level in identifying and managing conflict hotspots in our organization.

Michael Myles

Dean of Students/School Operations & Development Manager Hope Academy Cayman Islands

I had the privilege to work with Tabitha for about three years when I was Program Coordinator, Liaison Officer-At Risk Youth in the Ministry of Education of the Cayman Islands.
In March 2015 several High School students engaged in gang activity. The leaders of both gangs were retaliating against each other for several years. Despite interventions by the school and the police, they refused to cooperate. The school was prepared to authorize long-term exclusions.
Tabitha and a co-mediator quickly developed trust with the students and their parents, mediating the challenges the students were experiencing with their families, each other and the wider community. The students and their families cooperated throughout the mediation, and there were no re-occurrences of gang violence at school and in the community.


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