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About our corporation

Conflict Managment

Chances are if you have landed on this page, something has gone wrong.

In the last few months, something has really shifted in your organization and workplace. And unfortunately, not for the better.

What used to be a lively, engaged and motivated environment has become stiff. Employees are more cautious with each other and it seems like even the simplest tasks are taking longer and longer to get done.

Whether conflict happens between two employees or across the entire organization, the costs are high.

Really high. In fact, research has shown that 42% of employees’ time is often spent trying to minimize and diffuse work conflict

Let’s face it, when employees cannot work together as a unit and there is little trust, it is very challenging to get anything done.

Time gets wasted, bad decisions are made and good employees leave the company.
And the ones who are left find more reason to call in sick and stay home.

Those are very high costs and in today’s highly competitive market, staying ahead and staying profitable means keeping the best employees.

So what is the right solution? How can workplace conflict be fixed?

I am glad you asked. That’s where I can help.

Whether you need one-on-one direction on how to address it or you are seeking comprehensive organization-wide solutions, I can deliver swift, seamless solutions to even the most toxic work environments.

Through in-depth discussions with you and your team, I design customized programs and initiatives that help to:

- Re-balance organizational culture to one of openness and transparency
- Improve internal communication, both peer to peer and management to staff
- Create safe work environments for idea sharing, recommendations and feedback
- Equip your employees with self-mediation and self-regulation tools

Imagine transforming your organization into a winner again where employees are engaging, communicating and more importantly, feeling like their voices are heard.

Isn’t it time that your organization started functioning like a unit again?

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