Chances are if you have landed on this page, something has gone wrong

Because that’s how life goes!  You expect challenges even when you’re well on your way to living your best life.  But you never expect to be blindsided by conflict. And when it happens, you explode, freeze, shut down, or throw in the towel – walking away from things you worked hard for just to be free from stress.

Let’s be honest

We all need help overcoming conflict and discord in our personal and professional lives so we can be effective and productive.

I feel your pain

I’ve had ups and I’ve had downs … many downs.  Several years ago, I started my life over with nothing after life served me lemons both in my personal and professional life.  I was shaken and stirred!

So I get it

I understand where you are right now because I’ve been there too.  I know that true grit can teach you to survive. But I also know that with a suite of conflict resolution tools and guidance from a coach, you will do more than simply survive.  You will thrive!

I took everything I learned about resolving conflict, and then I mapped and implemented strategies to create a healthy, productive and conflict-free life for myself.

I learned how to ‘read the room” and approach decision makers with confidence.  I facilitated conversations and negotiated outcomes, surpassing my personal and professional goals.

I applied conflict resolution tools consistently to turn situations around in my favor.

As an attorney for more than 23 years and mediator for more than 12 years, I have interfaced and collaborated with judges, reputable business leaders, senior attorneys, and leading industry experts.   And in these roles, I observed that people who are marginalized, bullied, and exploited often lack the tools to shield themselves from harm.

Marshall Duke Consulting was created to empower you with simple but highly effective approaches to resolving conflict in your personal life, workplace, and civic spaces.

I will help you to apply innovative conflict management solutions scaled to your needs, to build collaborative relationships.

You are one step away from mastering conflict resolution.  Let’s help you resolve conflict today, so you can get back to the life you love.