Two years ago today I was in the Cayman Islands packing up my life for umpteenth time, having lived in six Caribbean countries over a 24 year period.  The USA which was always a vacation and shopping destination was becoming my home as I prepared to move again from familiar to unfamiliar territory.

Yet it seemed destined to happen.  In 2006 The Bahamas amended a law which required me to train as a mediator to continue my work there.  That exposure to mediation blew me out of the water – I was so excited to learn that there is a structured way to talk through differences, and took every opportunity for further training that I could find.

In 2007 I was in training at Pepperdine University, and during a break told my lecturer how drawn I felt to this field.  He gave me his card and put me in touch with Beth Morrow in the admissions office of Lipscomb University.  Beth and I communicated for nine years. When she updated me on the new and exciting things happening in the programme, my replies always ended with “I don’t know how I can do this program full time”.

Well, life love and marriage happened, and in 2016 my dear husband announced a job assignment that meant he would leave Lordstown, Ohio for Spring Hill, Tennessee.  As I sat in the balmy Cayman evening with country music songs running through my head, a still small voice asked … “where IS Lipscomb University?” So I checked …  and Lipscomb University was 35 miles away from Spring Hill. 35 miles!! I knew whose voice that was!!

Two years ago today I was in the Cayman Islands, packing up my life for umpteenth time, but this time was different.  As scared as I was of the unknown, I trusted God who always guided me and by His grace, graduated from Lipscomb University last December with an M.A. in Conflict Management. I couldn’t have done this without God.  He knew my areas of weakness, and showed Himself strong to the very end.

My final assignment was a capstone paper submitted to Professor Beth Morrow – who is now an adjunct Professor at Lipscomb University!!  The same Beth Morrow who worked in Admissions, and communicated with me in 2007!!  That’s Prof. Morrow and I in the photo!!!  I could stay right here all day and preach a sermon on our timing vs. God’s timing, but there’s a slice of chocolate cheesecake waiting on me.

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