Unless both parties agree to mediation, unresolved systemic conflict can linger and continue to destroy the inner workings of organizations.  And while mediation is an extremely effective conflict resolution tool, it does not always achieve long-term results.

Through a variety of solutions, we help you cultivate and maintain constructive relationships with colleagues, teams and the community. Our training solutions are highly effective as they provide strategies and tools that go beyond just mediation.

Working with us will give you access to diverse tools and strategies to proactively, swiftly and successfully resolve and manage conflict in your organization.


Our initial discussion will cover the issue you are facing, your timeline, and how I can help.  We will discuss options to achieve your desired outcome, and I will give you a professional perspective based on my experience.


One-On-One Consulting

Through individual consulting sessions, your organization will benefit from customized solutions for your current situation, personality, behavior style and leadership needs.  An initial Conflict Assessment and a combination interviews and surveys will equip us to analyze the various types and levels of workplace conflict existing, identify behavioral responses to conflict, and provide insight about responses to conflict.  We will identify the appropriate strategies for resolving each conflict situation, and deliver practical conflict resolution techniques for managing conflict in the workplace, to maximize individual and team performance.

You also have the option to configure a training package for follow up support.


Strategy Session (1 Hour)

The benefits of the strategy session include a comprehensive and customized Conflict Management Strategy for you.  Together we will design a solution for the current, ongoing conflict that is impacting your life. We will walk you through the entire process, answer your questions and provide you with useful insight and support.  We will also give you viable options that meet your goals and budget.


Accountability call (30 Minutes)

Accountability calls help you stay on task and committed to your goals.  We can help you stay on top of implementing your conflict management strategy, address any hot issues, answer burning questions, and provide feedback on overcoming.   You don’t have to do this alone.


Conflict Management Training

Need a more comprehensive solution?

Our 40-hour course will give your team proven strategies and appropriate responses to issues they encounter.  We will help your team align amicably and give them skills to promote constructive working relationships in their daily jobs.

Participants of this training solution will learn how to:

  • improve self-awareness
  • establish healthy boundaries
  • enhance interpersonal communication
  • sharpen negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • limit negative reactions that escalate conflict

Day One: Introduction to Conflict Management
Day Two: Exploring Conflict Dynamics
Day Three: Practicing Conflict Management – Negotiation Training
Day Four: Practicing Conflict Management – Mediation Training
Day Five: Problem Solving and Practical Application